Coach Ricardo A. Maxwell-Ordain

ppicSoccer is a passionate, beautiful game. My life is dedicated to the sport. Early on, in my childhood, I started kicking the ball and

never stopped. This led to a highly accomplished college and professional career. Now, as a coach, certified by FIFA (Professional FIFA A Certification), I develop soccer players.

Youth soccer is now an American staple. At any level, from beginners to more advance players, New York Private Soccer Lessons develops the entire athlete. We teach the fundamentals of soccer. Yet, NYPSL designs and tailors each training program to every athlete’s need. The demands in soccer have grown considerably, making it necessary to enhance performance based on an appropriate training.  It is precisely through training that theoretical and practical knowledge transfer and body adaptation to competition demands come together. Both create the conditions for a strong development of physical and psychic skills.

From ages five and up, NYPSL’s goal is to max out each player’s potential, while also having fun. NYPSL develops and improves every athlete’s inner soccer! No matter the age, we have fun. This is “The Beautiful Game,” how can we not?

New York Private Soccer Lessons is ready. Now come and play!

We are also fluent in Spanish.

NYPSL also partners with “Costa Rica Let’s Go” for fascinating  year round vacations in the beautiful and exotic country of Costa Rica.  For more information visit: www.costaricaletsgo.com



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